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Meet Geeko eBike Conversion Kit

Your ideal one-stop solution for eBike kits

  • 【Minimalistic Aesthetic Design】Simple, neat, and maximally retains the components and appearance from your original bike. Refitted but as if an original e-bike.
  • 【Easy to Install】Geeko is a lightweight and innovative e-bike conversion kit with only two parts: Geeko Bottle and Geeko Motor. Installation is very easy, as long as you can change a tyre you can install the Geeko e-bike kit.
  • 【High-Tech Product】 7 patents in the bottle battery, 2 patents in the controller, 3 patents in the motor and 5 patents in the sensor, a unique set of high-tech eBike conversion kit.
  • 【One-stop Solution】Geeko has 4 different bottle sizes to fit most bike frames; battery capacities from 5.2AH – 15AH to cover almost all riding scenarios; Geeko offers 250W / 350W / 500W motors, all available in front, rear or even dual drive solutions. All in all, Geeko is your ideal one-stop solution for an e-bike kit.
Play Video about geeko rear kit

Minimalistic Design

Geeko Bottle

  • The battery looks like a beautiful bottle with waterproof IPX7.
  • A digital screen and 3 buttons on top of bottle cap, with bluetooth 5.0 inside.
  • Bottle bracket holds the bottle battery firmly with 3 fixation points,  controller is hidden inside an aluminum case with heat dissipation blade at the bottom of the bracket, with temperature protection function, IPX7 waterproof, stable and reliable.

Geeko Motor

  • High torque brushless geared motor is able to assist you up steep slope easily.
  • Motor integrates with the Smart Cassette Sensor(patent authorization). You don't need to install the sensor at the crank any more.
  • The sensor automatically detects not only cadence frequency but also gear ratio during cycling. This ensures that motor assist power has always been precise, smooth and comfortable.

Geeko Bottle: 4 Models x 4 Colors



36V5.2AH / 36V7AH






36V7.8AH / 36V10AH



36V15AH / 48V10AH

Geeko Bottle Options

Geeko Bottle Family

Geeko Kit Family


  • Special kit for Brompton.
  • Super lightweight.
  • The Geeko-Brompton retains all of the features of the Brompton, and you can fold it up completely as before. Your Brompton remains virtually unchanged!


geeko front kit
  • Fit all type of bicycles!
  • Easy to fit.
  • If your are looking for an electric bike kit for Daily commuting, city cycling, weekend excursions, Geeko-Front is the right choice.


geeko rear kit
  • The most popular kit!
  • Simple, only 2 parts, really easy-to-install.
  • Geeko-Rear is the right kit of cycling enthusiasts for daily commute, long distance riding or serious mountain cycling.


geeko dual kit
  • Powerful
  • Two independent drive unit, but thinking in one.
  • Whether it is to conquer steep slopes or to pursue thrill of speed and acceleration, Geeko-Dual is your best option.

Multiple Control Modes

Button Mode

  • One digital screen and 3 buttons, traditional way, but you can always trust it.
  • Reliable, fast and efficient.

APP Mode

  • Smartphone APP as an extended HMI, it's not mandatory, but it is great to have.
  • Easy to use, richer information.

Throttle Mode(Optional)

  • Lazy mode, sometimes we just want to relax and give our feet a break.
  • Always respond to your thumb.

Fits All Type of Bikes

Geeko eBikes From Our Customers

How Geeko eBike Kit Electrify Your Bike within Minutes

Play Video about install-cover

Thanks to Geeko’s highly integrated design, there are minimum 2 steps to install. In this video we will show you how easy it is to install Geeko electric bike conversion kit. We provide you everything you need to install it, including the tools without any extra cost.

  • Replace your original wheel with our Geeko motor wheel.
  • Install the battery holder with two screws.

Here are just a few of our customers' testimonials...

Our Story

Founded in 2016, 100G is a young company dedicated to the lightweight innovation of electric bicycles. “100 grams” of lightweight innovation has always been parts of 100G DNA.

Geeko kit is the second generation of eBike kit developed by 100G, it is lightweight, compact, removable, smart and reliable. In addition, it turns out to be so simple that it was easy to fit on any bike.


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