About Us



100G Smart Tech was founded to bring some lightweight innovations to electric bike and let more people enjoy the fun of e-cycling. 100G is one of the leading manufacturers of complete electric drive systems for eBike and has been developing eBike solutions since 2016.

The head office, development and manufacturing center is based in Nanjing, near Shanghai. 100G have after-service centers in France, Germany, Poland, and other place to shorten the distance with customers, and also serve the customer with efficiency and quality.

Why "100G"

When our company was founded, the name was up in the air. 

One day, the founders were discussing technical issues: the industrial design of bottled battery, lightweight design of circuit boards, software functions, system architecture, cassette sensor, etc. 

All of a sudden, one of the founders suggested that the company name should reflect lightweight innovation, like these lightweight innovations and technologies that were being discussed at that time. The founders weighed the circuit board prototype, the cassette sensor, and the design paper, which was exactly 100G.

That’s the origin of “100G”. It’s a constant reminder that lightweight innovation is our mission and part of our DNA.





Happiness often comes from simplicity, and we believe that a simple eBike kit will bring you purer riding pleasure.



Geeko is a lightweight innovation of electric bike conversion kit, just like us “100G Smart Tech”.



We firmly believe that a good product should bring customers a smooth experience, from easy-to-install to easy-to-use, and to smooth power, feel the “smooth”, that is what Geeko eBike kit brings to you.


As a specialist on eBike kit, we have long been committed to product innovation and conducted many pioneering researches on the electric drive system, and applied for a series of patents related to it.

By now, we have obtained 5 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, and 10 software copyrights. And we have successively obtained honorary qualifications such as high-tech enterprises, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

quality control

Quality Control

  • Quality is the lifeline of Geeko eBike kit. We have a complete set of quality management to ensure high quality Geeko eBike conversion kit.
  • Incoming Quality Control: All raw materials must be inspected before they can enter the warehouse. For some accessories, such as chargers, we will sample 20% for testing.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice: We have established dedicated production processes and testing standards for each project. Motors, batteries, and controllers all have special production specifications and standards.
  • Production Quality Control: All motors, batteries, controllers need to go through appearance inspection, functional test, waterproof test, and aging test before leaving the factory.
  • Packaging: We provide tightly protected packaging, which ensures that the product is fully protected during transportation.