Show Geeko Kit, Get $50 Rewards



  • All Geeko ebike kit users are participants.
  • The participants are required to shoot and publish videos about Geeko
    ebike kit on Youtube, Facebook, Insgram
  •  One week after the video is published, send the link to us, you will get
    $35 or extra $50 coupon for buying Geeko ebike kit.
  • Only one reward per participant

Video Requirements

  • Time requirement

The video should be more than 90s, of which the showing of Geeko ebike kit should be more than 30s.

  • Content Suggested

You can choose one or two points for shooting from the following options, or you can shoot freely (objective and without malicious evaluation):

  1. Product unpacking process
  2. Product installation process
  3. Product display
  4. Cycling data display
  5. Cycling experience
  6. Comparison with other products
  7. Cycling travel photography
  • Release requirements

  1. The title should contain “Geeko Ebike Kit”
  2. Our site should be illustrated in the caption.
  • Other requirements

Videos must be original work. Plagiarism of any kind will result in disqualification.

2 thoughts on “Show Geeko Kit, Get $50 Rewards

  1. teo says:

    Ich vermisse Angaben über gefahrene Kilometer (pro Tag, gesamt, …) & Geschwindigkeiten (Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Durschnittliche).

    1. Senquan says:

      Please check your mail [email protected]

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