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Creative Channel--Upgrade Bicycle to Electric Bike using Conversion Kit simple at home

rating star 1

In this video, i will Upgrade Bicycle to Electric Bike using Conversion Kit simple at home.

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EMOBILIST--In 60 minutes from BIO to EBIKE with the 100G Geeko conversion kit

rating star 1

Turn your BIO-BIKE into an E-BIKE. In less than 60 minutes we transform an old bicycle into a pedelec with a rear wheel hub motor and a battery in the design of a drinking bottle. We are surprised at how easy and quick the conversion works. But how is the driving behavior? Can the 100G EBIKE-KIT compete with a real EBIKE?

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Geeko 100G Electric Bike Kit Review

rating star 1

Check out the Geeko Kit, feature-rich all-in-one conversion kit.

Clients Reviews

Nadine Bueckmann, Alaska

rating star 1

Easy to fit and it works precisely what you expect it to do.  May be an extra short video on how to fit the separate hand throttle would be in order.

Eduardo Tso, Canada

rating star 1

I am very pleased with the product from the point of ordering to fitting it to bike.Fits well on bike and is a tidy piece of kit with not too many cables on bike.

pavan kumar ravendran, India

rating star 1

After months of deliberating should I buy a ready made ebike or buy a kit I decided finally to buy a kit from ebikes Not sure what to expect as regards the fitting I even rang Halfords to ask them for help if I should require it.

Kieron Maltzahn, Germany

rating star 1

Fitting it was easy and Cherry was helpful on the phone. It works really well and seems good quality. It has encouraged me to go back to our local forest tracks for a cycle more regularly. 

Geoff.humpherys, United States

rating star 1

We love our kits it makes cycling a mountain bike so much more fun. Would highly recommend them to family and friends.

Jae Hyun JO, South Korea

rating star 1

I have fitted this kit to my mountain bike and found it very easy. It has helped me get back into cycling since recent back surgery.The best thing this kit has done for me is, me wanting to go out on my bike more often.I am very impressed with this ebike conversion kit. I am very impressed with this ebike conversion kit

Sippapas Thienmee, Thailand

rating star 1

I’ve been very impressed with your service so far.The kit seems to be of a good quality, with everything supplied to complete the conversion.

David collin, United Kingdom

rating star 1

Arrived within two months, pretty simple to fit, even for me. Everything made clearer by the YouTube Video. (although next time try filming landscape not portrait…) Everything seems to work fine and the bike is much more of a pleasure to ride than before. No complaints, nice bit of kit. Simple and effective.

Hans Hofmann, Germany

rating star 1

I have got to say this company is probably the best one online I have ever dealt with, great products, fast delivery and Brilliant customer service.