Which is better front or rear ebike kit?

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Which is better for ebike conversion, front or rear kit? This is an important question for people who want to convert their bicycles.

Now let’s make a comparison from the following aspects:

Weight distribution

Most of the batteries are located in the middle or rear of the e-bike, which means the front hub motor helps spread the weight forward, somewhat equaling the bike’s front and rear weight. But on some mountain roads, riding can be more cumbersome due to the weight of the front wheel motor.

If the battery is installed in the rear of the bicycle, coupled with the rear hub motor, the weight of the bike is concentrated in the rear, which is easy to cause the bike to “tilt head” in the uphill section.

Ease of installation

Front kit conversion is relatively simple, just replace the tires on the wheels and put the motor wheel back on the front fork.

Rear conversion is a bit more complicated. In addition to changing tyres, you need to install flywheels and disc brakes, and you need to confirm these parameters in advance to make sure the rear hub motor fits your bike.

The traction

Since the rider’s weight is mostly supported by the rear wheels, the front wheels may have less torque, and the rear wheels can provide better traction.


It is easy to slip when start riding with a front kit, and there will be a larger turning radius, it is not easy to grasp the precise direction.

The rear kit starts smoothly, turns naturally, and has higher safety.


Some front kits, especially all-in-one kits, have a large hub motor, which makes the conversion particularly noticeable and unharmony with the frame.

And many small hub motors in the flywheel and disc brake is difficult to be found, which makes the rear wheel conversion more natural, greatly improve the aesthetic.

Frame strength

The rear fork of a bicycle is thicker and sturdier than the front fork, so a less powerful motor can be installed in the front wheel, while a high-power hub motor is more suitable for the rear wheel.


To sum up, if you prefer a more convenient installation, and only for short-distance urban commuting, choose the front kit is OK; If you are a cycling enthusiast and like to ride long distance outdoors, then the rear ebike kit is your best choice.

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