Why choose 100G

ebike kit source factory

eBike Kit Source Factory

  • We are a factory focusing on eBike kit, not a trading company

  • We manufacture our own motors, controllers and batteries

  • Own factory direct supply, cost more competitive

  • Final manufacturer, control quality from the source

  • Ebike kits can be customized on request

Professional R&D team

  • Our technical team consists of mechanical engineers, hardware engineers, and software engineers
  • Independent and original design, with 16 patents and 11 software copyright protection
  • 7 years of eBike conversion kit R&D experience
  • Customize and deep develop ebike kit on request
  • 7×24 technical support
RD team


If you have a long-term ebike kit business plan, co-branding is your best option.

Co-branding is a deep collaboration between 100G and your brand. 100G is not only your supplier, but also your deep partner.

Your brand will not only appear on the products, we will also customize the APP for you, this is a set of Geeko ebike conversion kit exclusive to you.

100G will also become your local reseller. 100G will share customer orders with you, and Geeko eBike kits that customers order from 100G will also eventually order from you and become your customers.