Will Geeko fit my bike?

Will Geeko fit my bike

Geeko kit is designed to fit most bikes. Simply put, as long as your bike is not a thru axle, Geeko kit will fit. 
Specifically, the Geeko-Rear kit and the Geeko-Front kit have some additional special requirements.


Geeko-Rear requires a rear fork spacing of 135mm and a slot width of 10mm, as shown below.

Also we provides motor customisation service for fork spacing 130MM if your bike is a rim brake roadbike.



Geeko-Front requires a fork spacing of 100mm and a slot width of 10mm; and space is required at the pedal bottom bracket to mount the sensor, as shown below.

We also provide motor customisation service if your have a folding bike with fork spacing 80MM/74MM. There is also a special version fork slot width 8MM for Brompton bikes. 


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