Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

Yes, we welcome OEM order and we welcome any dealer in worldwide.

Yes, our MOQ of private logo print is motor 50pcs, battery/holder controller 50 pcs, display 300pcs, charger 500pcs.

Yes, we supply air shipping train shipping and sea shipping drop shipping way.

Yes, we provide kits without battery to work coordinated with your original battery. And we supply different plugs such as XT30, XT60, Anderson and so on to match your battery.

Yes, our dealer price is based on whole year purchasing quantity, please email us for further information [email protected]

Yes, we could develop phone APP with your private logo, but MOQ should reach to 300 pcs.

No, we don’t have EU warehouse or US warehouse at present, but we have plan to build warehouse both in EU and US.

Yes, we could share you our original pictures for advertisement and also take photos with your logo without extra charges.

Yes, we have a strong technical team and rich experience in ebike kits, so it is easy for us to develop new functions on your request. We welcome eBike factory cooperation in ebike development.

It depends on market and area population, for example our Germany exclusive agent make 2000 pcs kit one year to claim exclusive agent. So please email us soon [email protected]

Based on the riders’ weight of 80kg, it should give 30-50 KM throttle only, in pedal assist it should give you 70-200 KM, please bear in mind that the kit comes with a only PAS sensor or throttle to allow you to set pedal assist modes if needed or to just use the throttle when you require it.

Yes we do, please contact [email protected] with your specific requirements. 

Yes this is available in our online store and will certainly help on long bike rides.

The ebike front 250/350W motor wheel kit weights 3.5kg.
The ebike rear 250/350Wmotor wheel kit weights 3.9kg.
The ebike front/rear 500W motor wheel kit weights 4.4kg.
The battery itself is 1.8kg.

The ebike kit has an “intelligent assist control module” which works together with an integrated motor cassette sensor or PAS sensor in BB position. It will assist you automatically when you are pedaling. The system will increase the power when you go uphill and will shut down the motor when you stop pedaling.

If you manually use the thumb throttle the bike will be fully driven by electric power, but when you release it the pedal assist system will kick in again automatically.

The rear motor requires a dropout spacing should be around 135 mm while the front motor requires 100 mm dropout spacing and the width of the dropout slots should be above 1 cm. (thru axle is not available now)

This is a common question. Your tyre size should be written on the side of your tyre. There will be a series of numbers showing the diameter and width. It will look like this: 700c x 38. Or 26” x 1.95. Occasionally different cycle manufacturers will use a different scale. If you have any problems on working out your tyre size, email us [email protected]

The kit works without a phone, the on-board smart assist system kicks-in based on Geeko battery and motor wheel, phone app can check speed in larger screen and APP can upgrade firmware and adjust some parameters. So phone APP is not necessary.

The Geeko Ebike conversion kit is simple to install because all components are Bluetooth connected, meaning less cables than other e-bike conversion kits. It is also a rear wheel power system, which supplies you better riding power than front wheel power system.

Unlike most electric bike conversion kits, Geeko does away with sensors to drive trains and brakes, so once fitted, Geeko Ebike still looks and feels like an ordinary bike.

 The Geeko battery is disguised as a ‘water bottle’ so the kit is very subtle, stealthy, and therefore less likely to be stolen than most other e-bikes. You won’t find anything as neat as this.

The Geeko intelligent assist system is unique technology which is the result of 3 years of development.

Power through rear wheel makes your bike an more stable Centre of Balance, it make you safer when turn a corner

With its 250W motor and a number of other function features, the Geeko Ebike kit is completely road legal when used correctly.

The Geeko Ebike kit iOS and Android App make rider preferences and ride data analysis simple to access.

Overall, regardless of which conversion kit you go for, we think it makes much more environmental and financial sense to choose to convert the bike you already own above a purpose built e-bike.

We can supply a conversion bracket to solve this. Available here in our shop.