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Unfortunately, Geeko motors do not support thru axle.

Geeko kit is designed to fit most bikes. Simply put, as long as your bike is not a thru axle, Geeko kit will fit. 
Specifically, the Geeko-Rear kit and the Geeko-Front kit have some additional special requirements.


Geeko-Rear requires a rear fork spacing of 135mm and a slot width of 10mm, as shown below.



Geeko-Front requires a fork spacing of 100mm and a slot width of 10mm; and space is required at the pedal bottom bracket to mount the sensor, as shown below.


Geeko motor has a clutch inside. When the bike glides forward, the motor hub is rotating while the magnet inside is stationary, the motor has no magnetic resistance at all and glides very smoothly, just like a normal bike, you can ride it easily.

Yes. Simple is one of the product philosophies of Geeko kit. When we designed Geeko, we wanted Geeko to always be ready-to-go. APP is not mandatory, we believe everyone can enjoy a pure and simple ride without APP. But if you like, you can use it.

In most case wheel size should be written on the side of your tyre. It will look like this: 700c x 38, or 26” x 1.95.

wheel size

Yes, by using the tools we provide, you can usually keep your own cassettes.

Geeko-Rear kit do not include cassette by default. You can also purchase and pre-assemble cassette with the link below.

But if your bike is 7S or 12S cassette, we strongly recommend that you purchase and pre-assemble cassette to ensure compatibility.


Most of 7S is flywheel, which means you need to replace it with a 7S cassette.

For 7S and 12S cassette, some special conversion fittings are required for installation. Therefore, to avoid compatibility issues, we strongly recommend purchasing and pre-assemble cassette via the link below.


Yes, Geeko kit is compatible with V-brakes and disc brakes.

Geeko kit do not include disc by default. Normally, you can keep your disc if it is 6 screwed on.

If you need a new disc, or if your disc is not 6 screw-on, you can purchase and pre-install disc via the following link:


The price of Geeko kit already includes customs duties and VAT, no additional charges. 

If you’re only buying other accessories, you may be responsible for shipping.

Shipping is a door-to-door service and all you have to do is wait at home to receive your goods.

Shipping is a door-to-door service and usually takes 20-25 days from China to your home if you are in the EU and 25-30 days from China to your home if you are in the USA.

We have dealers in Germany, France, Poland and the USA, you can email us for their contact details.

If the Geeko model you need is not in stock at our dealers, you can buy it on our website. The usual shipping time is 20-25 days. Shipping is a door-to-door service and all you have to do is wait at home to receive the goods.

Yes, with bottle cage adapters you can mount Geeko bottle anywhere on your bike.

Click for details:


Yes, it will definitely help on long rides. Click link below to buy:


We believe that the Geeko kit with both bottle cap display and smartphone APP is the perfect choice for you. But if you prefer a traditional handlebar display, we can customise a traditional Geeko kit with a handlebar display for you.

Click link below for details:


When you receive your Geeko kit, all parameters are already set to their optimal state. If you need to set them yourself, please contact sales@100g.tech.

It is important to note that setting the parameters yourself may result in Geeko kit not working properly and pose an unnecessary regulatory risk.

Yes, we welcome OEM order and we welcome any dealer in worldwide.

Yes, our MOQ of private logo print is motor 50pcs, battery/holder controller 50 pcs, display 300pcs, charger 500pcs.

Yes, we supply air shipping train shipping and sea shipping drop shipping way.

Yes, we provide kits without battery to work coordinated with your original battery. And we supply different plugs such as XT30, XT60, Anderson and so on to match your battery.

Yes, our dealer price is based on whole year purchasing quantity, please email us for further information sales@100g.tech

Yes, we could develop phone APP with your private logo, but MOQ should reach to 300 pcs.

We have EU warehouse now, some of the Geeko kit will ship directly from EU warehouse, and other accessories ship from China factory.

Current we do not have US warehouse.

Yes, we could share you our original pictures for advertisement and also take photos with your logo without extra charges.

Yes, we have a strong technical team and rich experience in ebike kits, so it is easy for us to develop new functions on your request. We welcome eBike factory cooperation in ebike development.

It depends on market and area population, for example our Germany exclusive agent make 2000 pcs kit one year to claim exclusive agent. So please email us soon sales@100g.tech