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“100G” APP is free to use, it is used to manage the Geeko kit and you can check speed, battery, ride data and adjust levels.

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Will Geeko fit my bike

Will Geeko Fit My Bike?

Geeko kit is designed to fit most bikes. Simply put, as long as your bike is not a thru axle, Geeko kit will fit.
Specifically, the Geeko-Rear kit and the Geeko-Front kit have some additional special requirements.

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How to identify my wheel size

How To Identify My Wheel Size?

How To Identify My Wheel Size? There are many ways to mark the size of bicycle wheels. We can find these markings on the side of the tire. Usually there are three kinds of markings: ISO/ETRTO, English size and French size.

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Which is better front or rear ebike kit?

If you prefer a more convenient installation, and only for short-distance urban commuting, choose the front kit is OK; If you are a cycling enthusiast and like to ride long distance outdoors, then the rear ebike kit is your best choice.

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