Show Geeko, Get $50


Every Geeko user is invited to take part in our campaign – Show Geeko, Get $50.

The campaign is very simple, just shoot a video (>90 seconds) and post it on youtube/Facebook/Instagram.

The video can be about how you installed Geeko, or how you feel about Geeko, what advice you have, or anything you like.

The title of the video should preferably contain “100G Geeko e-bike kit” and the description should have our website in it.

Please send your video to and we will refund you via paypal within 3 days.

There are some restrictions.
1. This campaign is only available to users who purchased their Geeko through
2. Each user can only participate once.
3. The video must be an original work.

2 thoughts on “Show Geeko, Get $50

  1. teo says:

    Ich vermisse Angaben über gefahrene Kilometer (pro Tag, gesamt, …) & Geschwindigkeiten (Höchstgeschwindigkeit, Durschnittliche).

    1. Senquan says:

      Please check your mail

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