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“100G” APP is free to use, it is used to manage the Geeko kit and you can check speed, battery, ride data and adjust levels.

We don’t recommend that you keep the app open the whole time you are riding, it will distract you from the ride and cause danger, also 100G APP will consume some of your phone’s battery. Please stay focused on the road while riding.

1. Install “100G” APP

You can download 100G APP from App Store/Google Play/Huawei/Xiaomi APP markets by searching the keyword “100G“.

Once “100G” APP is installed, remember to give permissions such as storage and location(for bluetooth)

2. Main Page

Here are instructions for main page:

clear trip

3. Connect Geeko kit

Click on the icon in the top left corner of the main page to go to the “Connect to Geeko” page.

When a Geeko device is searched for, click on the “+” icon on the right to connect.


4. Settings

Click the settings icon in the upper right corner to enter the settings page.

4.1 Device Info

Under the “Device Information” menu, view the model and version information for the battery and controller.

4.2 Cycling History

Under the “Cycling History” menu, view details of each trip, such as mileage, time, average speed, and maximum speed.

Please note that “Cycling History” is only activated when controller version V2.2.7 and above.

setting menu
device info
cycling history

5. Advanced Setting Mode

The 100G APP offers an advanced settings mode that allows you to set wheel diameter, speed limits, motor type and factory reset.

Press and hold the settings icon in the top right corner of the APP for 3 seconds and enter the password 1010, then you will find “Parameters” activated in “Settings” menu.

Under “Parameters“, you can see the “Global Settings” and “Factory Reset”.

5.1 Global Settings

You can see drive mode, wheel diameter, speed limit, and motor type here.

5.1.1 Drive mode

Drive mode is the setting used for Geeko-Dual. If Geeko-Rear kit or Geeko-Front kit, keep it at a value of 2.

5.1.2 Wheel diameter

By default the wheel diameter is 28.0 inches, you can set the wheel diameter to make the speed and speed limit more precise.

5.1.3 Speed limit

By default, the speed limit is 25 km/h.

Please take care to set it appropriately according to the regulations in your area.

If the speed limit is higher than the maximum speed of the motor, then the actual speed limit will be the maximum speed of the motor.

5.1.4 Motor type

The default value is 250 watts. Please set it according to your motor type to get the best motor assist experience.

6. Factory Reset

This will attempt to restore the factory settings of the battery and controller.

In some cases, if the Geeko system does not work properly, you can try a factory reset and then set the wheel diameter, speed limit, and motor type in the global settings as appropriate.

advanced setting menu
global settings

Video of APP Manual

100G APP
Play Video about 100G APP

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