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As a new function of Geeko kit, the Bluetooth 5.0 is attractive. Based on Bluetooth, the 100G APP is very simple and easy to use. Here is the introduction about how to install and use it.

How to Install the 100G APP

1. Search the APP and Install

Before App installation, please check your mobile phone brand first.

If you use an iPhone or Huawei or Xiaomi mobile, please enter the App Store or Google Play or App Market and search for “100G”, find the APP, and install it.

If you use other mobile phone, there is solution. Please directly scan the QR code on our manual to install it.











2. Enable Permissions

After APP installation, when open it for the first time, please enable the storage and location permissions.

How to use the 100G APP

1. Interface Introduction

1.1 Bluetooth device

Open the APP, there is a Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner, grayed out means no Geeko bottle connected. Click to enter the page, Geeko bottle will be scanned and showed up. Click the + button to connect it then we return to the home page, you will find this icon has turned blue. After a while, the APP will synchronize the riding data. Let’s take a closer look.

1.2 Home Page

The gold number in the middle indicates the current speed.

The speed unit now is km/h. Clicking it will toggle between km/h and mph.

The battery icon indicates power. The number below ranges from 0-100%.

The golden number shows the PAS level. The – and + are shift buttons.

In addition, The PAS level on the APP and Geeko bottle are jointly controlled and displayed synchronously.

At the bottom of the home page, trip and ODO are displayed. Trip can be cleared by this golden broom.

1.3 Settings

Click the settings icon in the upper right corner to enter the settings page.

There are two menus here, Device Information and Language Option.

Click the device information, you can check the firmware version and controller version.

Click the language Option to switch between Chinese and English.

Above all is the manual. It is so easy to use 100G APP, isn’t it? You can also refer to the video on youtube.

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